About Us

The School of Public Policy is a newly-established entity in the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, which one of India’s premier engineering and education and research institutions.  The IITD-SPP aims to be an academic centre of excellence for domestic and global policy research, with a particular emphasis on science, technology, innovation (STI), and development that will contribute positively and significantly to national and global policy processes on key issues of importance to India and other countries.

As a premier institute of technology, IIT Delhi is uniquely placed to engage with broader issues relating to science and technology.  It has the analytical and quantitative culture needed for engaging in STI policy issues.  Furthermore, many faculty members on campus already are engaged is some form or fashion with S&T policy through their own work. As an academic institution, IIT Delhi offers a value-neutral location for engaging with multiple/conflicting perspectives and its high profile also gives it convening power to bring together stakeholders as well as engage with policy makers.  The School will also link with emerging programs at IIT Delhi such as those involving design, innovation, and entrepreneurship.  Overall, we expect the SPP to add to policy-analytical knowledge and capabilities in the country, with a special, and much-needed, focus on issues with a scientific and technical content, and couple this work to decision-making processes at the local, national, and international levels. 

Specific objectives of the IITD-SPP are to:

  • Carry out world-class research on a range of topics that relate to the production and use of scientific and technical knowledge for developmental goals in a changing global and domestic context;
  • Develop policy proposals to address specific developmental challenges as well as strategies for their implementation;
  • Engage with high-level policy makers on ‘policy needs,’ implementation strategy, and monitoring & assessment;
  • Promote a public dialogue with citizens, academics, and policy makers on policy and societal implications of major scientific and technological changes;
  • Help build local capacity for policy analysis and implementation through the training of the next generation of scholars and practitioners and through the upgrading of the skills of existing personnel; and
  • Enhance IIT Delhi’s educational offerings, research profile, as well as social impact.