Shortlist for PhD interviews

Submitted by upasna on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 12:01

School of Public Policy

Shortlist for PhD interviews

4th June 2020

  1. PG-202101-24438: Kavya Vohra
  2. PG-202101-38336: Prasoon Kumar Singh
  3. PG-202101-03995: Khushboo  Khosla
  4. PG-202101-35665: Lavanya  Ganesan
  5. PG-202101-11012: Abhilasha  Singh
  6. PG-202101-35891: Tushar Arunkumar Bose
  7. PG-202101-04821: Saurabh  Sood
  8. PG-202101-24927: Abhishek Sharad Mali

The shortlisted candidates will be sent details about online interview through email. In case any clarification is required please email us at or .