While the School of Public Policy is only just beginning to get off the ground, some faculty members at IIT Delhi have been engaging in STI policy research projects through a major grant from the Deaprtment of Science and Technology – the DST-Center for Policy Research – as well as some smaller research grants to individual faculty members.  These include studying the productivity of technically-skilled returnees, linkages of MNC R&D centers to the Indian innovation ecosystem, effectivness of academia-industry knowledge linkages, factors affectinbg the performance of publicly-funded incubators, the nature of technical assessment processes, linkages between agricultural production systems and nutrition, and ICT-based agro-metrological advisories.  We also have contributed to the development of a draft technology-led innovation policy for DST and also held a number of workshops on various topics (such as inclusive innovation, soil science-policy-practice interface, and technology assessment).  Some of these faculty members are in the process of moving to the School of Public Policy.

In addition, colleagues from around the Institute also engage with the policy domain, either in an advisory role to various government agencies or through scholarship.  For example, some faculty members in computer science have written a paper about Aadhaar, reflecting on the design and functioning of the instrument from a technical perspective.  Other colleagues are looking at how data science techniques such as machine learning could contribute to better policy-making.  Yet others involved in discussions around advanced manufacturing and entrepreneurship.  Many of these colleagues will have a formal assocaition with the School.