Publish Date: 2023-03-20 10:59:14

SPP Policy and Practice Seminar: How nerds engage effectively with policy processes? Prayas (Energy Group) (March 22, 2023)

We will have Dr. Ashok Sreenivas from the Prayas Energy Group present a seminar to us this Wednesday at noon. Prayas is one of the best examples in the country for how independent policy analysis can make a difference to practice; they are highly respected by the government and academics alike, and have paved the way for constructive citizens' engagement, especially in the power sector.
Speaker: Dr. Ashok Sreenivas
Date: 22nd March, Wednesday
Time: 12- 1:30 pm (IST)
Venue: LH 213
Title: How nerds engage effectively with policy processes?: a case study of Prayas (Energy Group)



Prayas was founded by a bunch of professionals who wanted to bring their expertise to use for social good. The Energy Group of Prayas uses policy research and engagement as the means to do so in the broad field of energy, sustainability and climate change. It comprises a set of people with professional degrees and expertise who have a social bent. We undertake interdisciplinary research on policy and regulatory matters to promote public interest in the energy sector with a focus on electricity. The talk will provide a brief overview of Prayas (Energy Group) and dive into a few examples to illustrate PEG's approach to policy engagement and some impacts thereof. The objective of the seminar is to explore possible collaborations between PEG and students and faculty at IITD. 


Ashok Sreenivas is the Group Coordinator at the Prayas (Energy Group). Ashok has been associated with Prayas since 2007. Over this period, he has worked in various areas relevant to energy policy such as oil-and-gas, transport, coal, climate change, energy security, energy access and energy modelling. He is currently interested in issues around energy transition and its implications for policy, institutions and equity. In particular, he focuses on phasing down coal in a manner consistent with India's requirements while enabling those affected in this process to adopt other, fulfilling livelihoods. He is also interested in developing energy models to answer some interesting and relevant policy questions, and enhancing usage of non-polluting cooking fuels.

IIT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016