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SPP Seminar | The El Niño Southern Oscillation, Forecasting, and Situated Knowledge (April 4, 2024) 03/04/2024
SPP Seminar | India's Bridging Power? International Partnerships for Climate and Development in the Global South (Apr 3, 2024) 01/04/2024
SPP Seminar | Adaptation to climate change: state of knowledge and research gaps (Mar 21, 2024) 12/03/2024
SPP Seminar | Driving Environmental accountability - Learnings from walking 1000s of kilometres across India and building technological and non-technical solutions for impact driven action (Mar 20, 2024) 12/03/2024
Prof Rajarshi Dasgupta has joined the Editorial Board of Discover Conservation (Springer) 13/02/2024
Prof Rajarshi Dasgupta has been selected as a Task Force Member (Scenarios and Models) of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). 13/02/2024
SPP Policy in Practice seminar | A billion lifelong readers: The Same Language Subtitling (SLS) story of system change from concept to national policy to quality implementation (Jan 31, 2024) 24/01/2024
Prof. Rohit Chandra and Prof. Sanjay Mitra published an article titled "The energy transition could make India even more unequal" 15/01/2024
Prof. Sanjay Mitra published a special article titled "Deep Renewables Penetration and Tariff Shocks" 15/01/2024
Details of new courses offered in Jan - Jun 2024 semester 28/12/2023
Prof. Ambuj Sagar published a paper titled "Mission Energy Access for a just and sustainable future for all" 07/11/2023
Prof. Ambuj Sagar published a paper titled "What scientists need to do to accelerate progress on the SDGs" 07/11/2023
Prof. Ambuj Sagar contributed to Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) 2023 07/11/2023
SPP Seminar Series | Digital Platform Markets: Economic Principles and Implications for Public Policy (Nov 15, 2023) 03/11/2023
SPP Policy in Practice Seminar | Evolving from interdisciplinary to transdisciplinary -- what I've learned from 20 years of translating science to create impact (Nov 1, 2023) 26/10/2023
SPP Seminar Series | Firm behaviour in digital markets (Oct 18, 2023) 17/10/2023
SoPP Seminar Series | A Conversation with Mr. Anant Goenka on News in the digital age (Sep 20, 2023) 19/09/2023
SoPP Seminar Series | Linking analytical approaches to inform India's low carbon transition (Sep 6, 2023) 05/09/2023
SoPP Seminar Series | Strategizing Indian government’s engagement with low-carbon electronic materials technology innovation (Aug 16, 2023) 14/08/2023
SoPP Seminar Series: Reaping what we sow: From Sustainable Development to Responsible Innovation (Aug 2, 2023) 31/07/2023
Details of new courses offered in July-Nov2023 semester 15/07/2023
Congratulations to our PhD student Sanghamitra Jayant! 04/05/2023
SPP Seminar | Organizational Rules, Bureaucratic Preferences, and Local State Capacity| Anustubh Agnihotri (April 21, 2023) 20/04/2023
SPP Policy and Practice Seminar | From Green Revolution 1.0 to Green Revolution 2.0 | Mr. Harish Damodaran (April 19, 2023) 10/04/2023
SPP Policy and Practice Seminar | Public policy in real world--Reminiscences from the Science ministry | Dr Sanjay Mishra (April 5, 2023) 31/03/2023
SPP Policy and Practice Seminar: How nerds engage effectively with policy processes? Prayas (Energy Group) (March 22, 2023) 20/03/2023
MPP Admission 2023-24 18/03/2023
PhD Admission 2023-24 18/03/2023
In Conversation With Mr. Alok Rajan, Program Officer – State Capacity and Public Finance, BMGF 13/03/2023
Publications wrap: Dec 2022 to March 2023 08/03/2023
SPP Seminar: Multilateral Climate Finance: Some Lessons from the Green Climate Fund ( March 1, 2023) 24/02/2023
SPP Seminar: Subaltern frontiers: agrarian city-making in Gurgaon ( Feb 24, 2023) 21/02/2023
SPP Seminar Series: Inclusive Innovation for the Bottom of Pyramid customer: It's a Matter of Survival! (Feb 21, 2023) 17/02/2023
SPP Seminar Series: In her Shoes: Gendered Labelling in Crowdsourced Safety Perceptions Data from India (Feb 15, 2023) 10/02/2023
Minor-I schedule for SPL 810 D and SPL721 02/02/2023
SPP Seminar on Southern Urbanism by Sukriti Issar 27/01/2023
SPP student, Ishan Kukreti, shortlisted for RedInk Award 10/12/2022
Details of SPL 810 (3-0-0) and 799 courses (1-0-0) 31/10/2022
SPP Seminar Series: "Understanding Digital Agriculture in India" (OCT 14 2022) 12/10/2022
School of Public Policy & CPR event alert! Moderated co-organized by our faculty member - Kaveri Iychettira 21/09/2022
Institute and School Level Committees for the Academic Year 2022-23 14/09/2022
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